Business Litigation

Let us protect your livelihood

The law offices of Coleman & Quigley understands that nothing slows down productivity more than a breached contract or soured business relationship. With extensive experience representing parters, members, employees, LLCs and other businesses, when disputes arise, we can help you defend or enforce your important rights in court or arbitration. Our staff is expierenced in complex litigation and appeals and can provide you with the representation you and your business deserve.

Construction Defect

Let us protect your property

Construction defects can turn the experience of buying or rennovating your home into a nightmare. When you buy a new home or hire a contractor to perform rennovations, you expect integrity and freedom from defects. If your home has defective construction, contact our offices for an experienced real estate attorney. The law offices of Coleman & Quigley provides focused and professional real estate law services to clients throughout the state. We represent homeowners who are having trouble resolving their construction defect issues. If you have construction defects in your home, and you can't get cooperation from anyone to remedy the situation, we can help you find a solution. . We will explore every avenue to resolve your dispute.

Personal Injury

Let us help you get back on your feet

At the law offices of Coleman & Quigley we understand that when people are involved in an accident, their lives are turned upside-down in an instant. When injuries are the result of another’s negligence or intentional acts, you are entitled to recover monetary damages for your losses. Here you are not just another number. Combining our litigation skills with real attention to client needs provides a unique and effective legal experience that quickly helps get you back on your feet.